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Neanderthal Sites

  1. ... transition from Neanderthals to modern humans in Western Asia. ... researchers have argued that the earliest Upper Paleolithic artifacts of Western ... - Cached
  2. Neanderthals or Neandertals, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, a ... Recent fossil finds in norther Spain extend this earliest migration to 1.2 million years ago. ... - Cached
  3. Discovery News - Archaeology More info...... Seaweed Tells of Earliest Americans. Neanderthals and Humans: No ... Earliest Shoe-Wearers Revealed by Toe Bones. Neanderthals Stitched Too Little Too Late - 77k

  4. ... some of the earliest signs of the emergence of human culture. Neanderthals were the first people to systematically bury their dead. ... - Cached
  5. 04/1987 "Sizing Up Neanderthals." Credit Card Req'd - Free Trial. Academic Journal Articles, Magazine Articles, Newspaper Archives and more at
  6. ... been determined that some of the earliest specimens found in fact suffered from ... Ramayana mentions human-like apes and bears resembling Neanderthals. ... - Cached
  7. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NEANDERTHALS AND MODERNS. AMH have ... 000 BP (note this earliest date is contemporary with the earliest Neanderthals) Omo Kibish, ... - 102k - Cached
  8. Neanderthals are often thought of as the stray branch in the human family ... arm, leg traits with those of the earliest members of the genus Homo in terms of ... - Cached
  9. The earliest specimen of this species was found in Neander ... agree with making the neanderthals a subspecies of Homo sapiens. ... Neanderthals were ... - Cached
  10. ... Neanderthals to assessments of the biology and chronology of the earliest modern ... 42) and with the earliest appearance of Neanderthals in the fossil record ... - 164k - Cached
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Neanderthal Children Grew Up Fast (Dec. 5, 2007) — Tooth growth suggests rapid maturation in a Neanderthal child. Neanderthal life history, or the timing of developmental and reproductive events, has been under great debate during the past few ... > read more

Complete Neanderthal Mitochondrial Genome Sequenced From 38,000-year-old Bone

The complete mitochondrial genome of a 38,000-year-old Neanderthal has been sequenced. The findings open a window into the ... > full story


Otzi - Tyrolean Iceman

Last Of His Kind? Researchers Complete Mitochondrial Genome Of Ancient Mummy, The Tyrolean Iceman

November 1, 2008 — Researchers have revealed the complete mitochondrial genome of one of the world's most celebrated mummies, known as the Tyrolean Iceman or Ötzi. The sequence represents the oldest complete DNA ... > full story

Ötzi the Iceman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  1. Other items found with the Iceman were a copper axe with a yew handle, a flint ... Origin and Migration of the Alpine Iceman". Science 302 (5646): 862–866. AAAS. ... - 99k - Cached
  2. Map of Discovery Site ... If the iceman came for trade, what could he have ... There have been many theories attempting to explain who the Iceman really was. ... - Cached
  3. From the PBS series' program on Ice Mummies. - Cached


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