Saturday, December 19, 2009


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Why Humans Walk On Two Legs (July 20, 2007) — A team of anthropologists that studied chimpanzees trained to use treadmills has gathered new evidence suggesting that our earliest apelike ancestors started walking on two legs because it required ... > read more
Australian Geologists Date World's Oldest Discovered Open Caves At 340 Million Years (Aug. 24, 2006) — Cave-dating research published by Australian geologists has found that the Jenolan Caves, in central NSW, are the world's oldest discovered open caves. The scientists have shown that the limestone ... > read more
Chimpanzees Discovered Making And Using Spears To Hunt Other Primates (Feb. 23, 2007) — Chimpanzees in Senegal are regularly making and using spears to hunt other primates -- without human assistance -- according to research led by an Iowa State University anthropologist. That study, ... > read more

World's Oldest Ritual Discovered -- Worshipped The Python 70,000 Years Ago (Nov. 30, 2006) — A new archaeological find in Botswana by an archaeologist from the University from Oslo shows that our ancestors in Africa engaged in ritual practice 70,000 years ago -- 30,000 years earlier than ... > read more
World’s Oldest Manufactured Beads Are Older Than Previously Thought (May 7, 2009) — Archaeologists have uncovered some of the world's earliest shell ornaments in a limestone cave in Eastern Morocco. The researchers have found 47 examples of Nassarius marine shells, most of them ... > read more


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